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Introduction About Climate Change & GCF Program Registration Document Library
Recognizing threats by the ever increasing global CO 2 , the global leaders gathered together to launch UNFCCC in 1992 and announced Kyoto protocol to grab a handle on CO 2 . However, the CO 2 keeps increasing despite of all the efforts.  

Now, the mankind must findĀ  a way to curb CO 2 emissions and in the mean time lessen the suffering by the climate change. Answering these challenges, the theme of SONGDO 2013 MCOP is chosen as
Climate Change: Long Term Targets and Short Term Commitments
Students all over the world will gather in Songdo, the host city of GCF, and answer the questions "Climate Change is already here! What shall we do NOW?" by debating on the following agenda.
Agenda Items
Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice
" Reading the Signs of Climate
  Change and Assessing its Impacts"
Questions to be answered:
  • - Has the Climate Change already begun?
  • - How may GCF help to lessen the adverse   impacts of Climate Change?
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Subsidiary Body for Implementation
" Evaluation and prospects on GHG
  emission reduction"
Questions to be answered:
- How does the implementation of GHG   emission reduction plan go?
- How to allocate the contribution to GCF to   facilitate the emission reduction?
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Technology Executive Committee
" Technology evaluation and development
  needs for GHG emission reductions and
Questions to be answered:
- Which technology is available and what   technology needs to be developed?
- How may GCF facilitate technology transfer
  and development?
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GCF Task Force
" Recent progresses of GCF and financial
  modalities of GCF"
Questions to be answered:
- How to allocate the contributions to GCF to
  individual countries?
- Is new protocol needed to secure 100 billion
   USD for GCF?
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