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Introduction About Climate Change & GCF Program Registration Document Library
Welcome Message
Incheon Metropolitan City Yeonsu-gu SMCOP Secretariat
Welcome to SONGDO 2013 Model Conference of Parties UN Climate Change Conference(SMCOP)! I am pleased to invite all promising talents to SMCOP this year.

Due to the prevalent symptoms of climate change, the whole world has been suffering from unusual changes in climate. In case of Republic of Korea, for instance, we used to have four different distinctive seasons, but for the last decade, the seasons are not as distinct as it used to be: the length of summer and winter is getting longer and longer, whereas that of spring and autumn becomes shorter and shorter gradually.

Republic of Korea is not the only country which is confronting such an extreme weather. As the sea level is rising as a result of melting glacier in Antarctic and the north pole, some countries such as Tuvalu, Japan and many other countries are being threatened. Other countries including India, Philippines and so forth are facing troubles with drought, floods and other natural disasters as well.

Thus, it is time all young generations get together and figure out how we can possibly solve such problems we are facing now to the best of our ability. We as the leader of the coming generation, I believe our effort shall influence the whole world.

It is my big honor to serve as a general secretary. I can promise that we, all secretariat members, will sincerely do our best to make 2013 SMCOP more successful. Thank you all for your interest and passion for solving climate change as well as our conference.
General Secretary of SMCOP,SeulKi Yoon
General Secretary of SMCOP,
SeulKi Yoon