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Introduction About Climate Change & GCF Program Registration Document Library
About Climate Change & GCF
Climate Change Issues
Seriousness of current climate change problems
Over the last 100 years, the average world temperature has risen by 0.74
degree celsius and its ascendant trend continues to accelerate steadily.
In addition to an increase in the average temperature, the extreme weather
patterns, e.g., deluge, scorching heat, cold wave, typhoon and so on, are changing and abnormal climate is frequently happening as well.

The primary factors of climate change can be divided into two aspects: The amount of glaciers in the Alps has been reduced by 50 percent, compared to that of the late 19th century; and the last decade was indicated as the hottest period on record. natural and anthropogenic causes but it has recently been announced that greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide(CO 2 ), methane(CH 4 ), freon gas, which were all resulted from human fossil fuel use are impacting enormously on climate change.

Cases of Climate Change Globally

  • 2011 Mississippi River floods
  • Thawing permafrost in Alaska┬ĚSiberia
  • Tuvalu, an island nation at risk of sinking due to rising sea levels
  • 2012 European Cold Wave

Unusual weather phenomena around the globe, such as floods, drought, heavy snowfall and so on, has occurred due to the climate change, which has now endangered the survival of human beings in turn-sea level rise, food problems, for example.

Climate change is the problem that the whole world should concern about and solve together and we all need to put this awareness into practice as soon as possible.